The True Italian Coffee Culture

Does being served a bowl of milk on asking for a latte surprise you? Then read on…

When in Rome, do as the Romans do – how many times have we used this adage in our lives! But here’s a noteworthy and startling fact: this saying seems to be completely true when it comes to the coffee culture prevalent in Italy. While the whole world rejoices while sipping on Italian coffee, what the brew signifies to the Italians is a far cry from the rest of the world.

Our idea of sipping on coffee is generally by relaxing with a quick feed from the news app in the morning or flipping through a classic book in the evening. Unwinding in a buzzing café and surfing the internet while sipping on a cup of “coffee with milk” is what our generation has grown up with. However, let’s wake up to the startling difference: since the 1500’s when the coffee culture in Italy is believed to have been initiated, there has been no element of relaxation associated with their consumption of the beverage – gulping in a shot of strong espresso while hurrying to work is how the Italians prefer it – Pronto!

One visit to the baristas of Italy and you are sure to note the pronounced variance – sealed in a time capsule, these quaint outlets still swear by their old menus and price points – the chatter of customers and clatter of cups is typically reminiscent of the prevalent culture in the 1980s and very different from the modern facilities and opulence that have invaded our cafes today. You will seldom enjoy Wi-Fi facilities here nor will you find people glued to their work laptops. In fact, all the high-tech brewing techniques and fancy ingredients popularized in the West are missing here.

Ask for a latte and do not fall off your chair if you are served a bowl of milk; because in this part of the world, latte refers to plain milk! No cold coffee too on the menu card for the Italians – they enjoy their own quirky version called shakerato that is excruciatingly bitter and topped with ice.

In Italy, coffee as a drink is pegged to be affordable for one and all – the classic un caffe, a dash of strong robusta beans blended to perfection, comes for only 1 Euro! No wonder, trendspotting reveals everyone ranging from bureaucrats to factory workers visit their preferred café bar thrice a day. The distinguished Italian coffee culture kicks off with a cappuccino in the morning – ask for it any later than 11 AM and you are sure to be frowned upon! Un caffe shots are ordered throughout the day – benign, addictive and the perfect excuse for the coffee aficionados to visit these piazzas frequently.


With the Italian brewers continuing to live up to their craftsmanship and heirloom recipes to brew the most delectable product at the most affordable prices, flourishing international brands that have conquered the world have not been able to make inroads into this part of the world. However, this trend is set to change this September with Starbucks all ready to open its doors at Milan.


Refreshingly different, exuberant, holistic and an experience by itself, the world-famous Italian coffee offers you the real taste of the beverage. Just like us at Nettare! Tipping our hats to the Italian brewers, we believe in pampering you with a truly international experience when it comes to sipping your favourite beverage. With our passion for excellence and usage of latest technology, we bring to the table our wide selection of perfectly roasted beans boasting of impeccable aroma, flavour and long shelf-life.

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