The Perfect Brew

A transatlantic exchange shaped Italy’s illustrious coffee culture. Read on to know how

Coffee and Italy is a match made in heaven. After all, our life is not complete without consuming its by-product: the re-energizing and fragrant espresso. But do you know that this much-sought after beverage did not originate from Italy? History reveals the beans were a native crop of the Ethiopian highlands which later traversed through the Middle East to find shelter in the Italian territories. It was only in the 16th century that ports like Naples and Genoa tasted the richness of coffee essence. Today, this world-famous Italian coffee is being patronized by top coffee brands across the world. Just like Nettare. From the familiar cappuccino to the intense espresso, we treat you to the finest and authentic Italian coffee.

Coffee roots

The port of Genoa has been a significant vantage point in the history of coffee. It has been the centre of trade and commerce – the Holy Grail site for the popularization of the beans. The coffee beans might not have grown in the soil of Italy but this is where the coffee blends and recipes were conceived.
Venice was one of the first European ports to import coffee beans in the 16th century. Over the years, coffee has played a huge role vis-a-vis the country’s culture and commerce. Lavazza contributed heavily to the development of Genoa as the coffee capital of Italy and built the foundation of services and support. Illy, Hausbrandt, Segafredo and some other roasters based out of Trieste helped to establish this bustling port as the primary centre of import of African and Asian coffee. Luigi Lavazza founded the famous coffee company Lavazza in Turin in 1895 that led to the first commercialization of the Italian brand of coffee. These brands today export substantial amounts of Italian coffee blends to all the corridors of the world.

Catering to the world

The hub of coffee, Italy caters to both its domestic and international markets with equal impetus. From roasting and retailing coffee to manufacturing coffee making machines for home, office and bar use, coffee is everywhere in Italy with thousands of people employed in the coffee sector. In addition, there is a humungous demand for Italian-blended coffee in the continents of America and Europe. This makes Italy also one of the world’s largest importers of coffee beans, with over 700 coffee-roasting businesses here. The Italian Roast, a typical bitter roast used to prepare espresso coffee, has been named after the country. As espresso was the brainchild of Italy’s trysts with coffee, it only deemed fit that Italy became the epigraph of coffee recipes. Coffee continues to bind with the Italian spirit and celebrates years of unification – the famous beans, after all, traversed all around the globe and chose to settle in Italy with a global cult following of millions.

Brand speak

It is in keeping with this rich history and tradition that drives Nettare to prepare the fine balance for the perfect cuppa. Celebrating the coffee and the craft of Italy, we are committed to all the customers we serve through our passion for excellence and usage of latest technology. We strive to be the most loved brand by dint of our established identity of adhering to the highest standards of quality and technology.

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