Genesis of Nettare Café

With the inception of third wave of coffee, we, at Nettare Beverages, have perceived the idea of  Nettare Cafe to express our core values towards the hallmark of the new wave – artisanship, aesthetics and traceability.

We want to change how each generation have perceived the spread of innovation that benefits everybody. The new generation of coffee snobs are not content with ‘turning and burning’ of beans, buy sugary drinks or very dark roasts without origin imputation. We are giving ‘coffee’ the bedrock wine has had for years; we are increasing agronomy practices along with comprehensive study and diversification.


Tasting and valuing coffee is catching up with likeness of cheese, wine and chocolate. We pay attention to every single variable in coffee brew, and we try to express the same through storytelling. Different elevations, farming practices, ecosystems, and even weather patterns can have huge effects on how coffee beans taste.
From sourcing to getting that authentic Italian taste, understanding of flavour combinations, aroma, texture, and more type of recipe creation and troubleshooting, we have gone through a solid understanding of extraction, patience, and plenty of experience.

There’s no doubt that coffee capsules are a part of the modern coffee landscape, so we want Nettare’s triple filter coffee capsules system to be an otherworldly coffee drinking experience, that remains just as rejuvenating and aromatic as the first time.

As specialty coffee enthusiasts usually seek high-quality, delicious coffee. We’ll usually see them sipping on espressos, paying attention to how the origin and brew method affect the aroma and flavour, thus we began our journey with Nettare Café, a pop-up café, for people to experience Nettare at their home. Delivering the Nettare experience, to businesses and household, currently at the outskirts of Park Circus, Kolkata, we solemnly resolve to bring the Italian authenticity to become the likeliness of people.

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