‘Accessorize’ Your Coffee

Your favourite beverage tastes even better when paired with the right accessory! Let’s have a look at some of the popular ones that you can take your pick from.

According to the International Coffee Organization, over 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed
everyday round the globe. These statistics imply that coffee is the most popular drink in the
world, second only to water. If you love your coffee, you should also be the proud owner of the
best accessories, especially the ones that you require at different stages of coffee-making. Here
we take a look at some of the common and essential accessories popularized by coffee-addicts
the world over.


Coffee Grinders
Coffee-making for most coffee aficionados start with grinding as many people prefer to
purchase roasted beans. The grinders are an essential part of the process because they
facilitate the grind consistency for a particular brew. For example, the French Press requires
coarse grinds, espresso is made with fine grinds whereas Turkish coffee requires super-fine
While opting for coffee grinders, you need to consider factors like the size and also choose
between manual and automatic grinders as well as the blade and burr ones.


Coffee makers
You are spoilt for choice and your eventual buy will depend on the kind of coffee you love, your
budget and convenience. Some of the popular types of coffee makers include:


French Press: One of the old styles of making coffee, consisting of a cylindrical glass or stainless
steel beaker, plunger and a mesh filter. To make coffee, you have to add the coffee in the
beaker, add hot water, wait for few minutes and then push the plunger down.


Moka Pot: These are portable espresso-style coffee makers and have three chambers: the
bottom one for water, the middle for the coffee grind and the top one where the brewed
coffee collects.


Pour Over: Enjoy a more straightforward process as you only need to place a conical paper filter
over a beaker or mug, add coffee grinds and then pour water over the grinds slowly
which will then drip into the beaker or mug as piping hot coffee.


Percolator: These are similar to Moka Pots but they make straight coffee and not espresso like
the latter. These brew coffee by dripping hot water over grounds suspended on a
chamber over the water continuously.


Drip Coffee Maker: These are the common coffee makers you will find it most homes. There are
different varieties of drip coffee makers and they are either automatic or manual.


Vacuum Coffee Maker: These come with two chambers: one for water and the other for the
coffee grinds. The best steaming coffee is made by heating the water (to create
pressure) that drives steam to the chamber which grinds to extract coffee.


Espresso Machines
If you love your espresso, invest in a good espresso machine. These come in different types
from various makers but are categorized into manual, semi-automatic, fully-automatic and


Milk Frother
Since milk-based cappuccinos and lattes have emerged as the most popular coffee-based
beverages, a milk frother has taken over the position of a key accessory. Some espresso
machines include a built-in steam wand and milk reservoir that provide you with that you need
to steam and froth milk for your beverage. In addition to the corded electrical ones, there are
battery-powered variants as well that are readily available in the market.


You are required to heat the water in the kettle for different coffee-preparation methods such
as French Press, Pour Over and when using a manual espresso machine. For a good kettle, you
need to consider factors like the material used, capacity and heat retention capability.


Making large volumes of coffee? You will then need a carafe. Popular in glass and thermal
variants, one that can hold about 12 cups of coffee is often preferred by most users.


Coffee Thermos / Mug
If you want to have your coffee on the-go, a trendy coffee thermos or insulated mug is for you.
Like carafes, the capacity, temperature-retaining capacity and durability of the material are key
elements to consider while shopping for it.


Coffee Filter
Whatever is your method of preparation of coffee, you need a filter to hold the ground when
Paper filters are most common and are available in bleached and non-bleached types. Their
biggest advantage is they are highly effective with regard to the process of filtering to ensure
you end up with clean, undiluted coffee.
Cloth filters are reusable and trap even the micro coffee grinds while still allowing all the
nutrients and oils to pass through.
Metal filters are the most durable of the lot and can be reused again and again. These will not
trap the oils in the coffee, ensuring a rich and full-bodied final product.


Time to settle now and enjoy your day with a rich cuppa of your favourite Nettare coffee!


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