Cold coffees to beat the summer heat!


It’s the season of sunshine and warmth. There are many reasons to love the summer season. With seasonal fruits, especially mango, the rain coming at the right time to wash away the heat, the cold beverages, ice cream and tan; seems to make the summer indeed amazing. With all the things summer offers to us, everyone needs some way or another to cool down when the temperature increases.  But with soaring temperatures all over the place, we are always fighting with this heat instead of enjoying it. Sure there are many ways which one uses to get through this summer, like


  • By drinking more water
  • Going for swimming
  • Consuming foods that will cool down the internal systems

And many more

With summer season on, one looks forward to the cold beverages. One of the most favorite drinks which mostly people prefer is, Cold Coffee! For many of us, cold coffee seems to be the perfect summer drink, and we can surely sip it every day. And with nettare here, you won’t be able to resist yourself with the creamiest cold coffee. Except for the simple cold coffee we have got you some easy and exciting recipes which you can try at your home rather than going to a café.


  • S’mores Iced Coffee-  This drink is all about the mouth-watering combination of all things good, which includes coffee, marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers. The coffee is filled with goodness and can also be replaced as a dessert. By topping the drink with marshmallow and graham crackers you have got your cherry on top of the cake.


  • Coffee ice cubes- Next time when you are using ice cubes in your coffee make sure you use our recipe for a twist to your regular cold coffee.  Instead of using the regular ice cubes, you can now make these coffee ice cubes, by simply pouring the coffee in an ice cube tray you will get your cubes, which will definitely enhance your coffee flavor.


  • Coconut iced coffee- We bring to you a fusion of world’s very common items, coconut and coffee. It is not only easy but also heavenly. By mixing coffee, chocolate sauce, coconut milk, sweet condensed milk and vanilla extract your coconut iced coffee is ready! The coconut iced coffee will leave you wanting for more and more.


We hope with our Nettare cold indulges you are as ready as we are for this summer! Get your capsule coffee machine soon!

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