Coffee – The Italian Way

Coffee aficionados, here’s a quick peek at the drinking rituals at the spiritual home of the beans.

The perfect start

The day for the Italians kicks off with breakfast generally comprising a delicious pastry with an equally enviable steaming cup of milky coffee. They swear by their cappuccino (equal parts espresso, steamed milk, foam milk) and caffe latte (espresso with more steamed milk and less of foam).

Asking for any of these coffees with milk after 11 A.M. is a massive faux pas; you are sure to be frowned upon and branded with an instant tourist label. Proud of having kept their coffee culture very different from the rest of the world, the Italians only enjoy coffee diluted with milk in the morning, never in the afternoon and especially not after a meal!

Prendiamo un’ caffe!

Let’s get a coffee! Appropriate anytime, a caffe (or caffe normale) is simply an espresso, a small but strong shot of black coffee. The Italians often sip a caffe as an afternoon pick-me-up or after a meal.


In fact, for the Italians, a great espresso can be enjoyed only if their self-induced preamble concerning the 5 M’s are in place and religiously followed – Miscela (good coffee blend), macchina (the coffee machine), macinino (the grinder), manutenzione (machine maintenance) and mano (the skill of the barista). These factors are married to create the world-famous rich taste, quality and aroma of the beverage.


The 5 M’s are what you can also find in Nettare Coffee Systems. The One-touch convenience with the ingenious Italian Coffee Capsules creates a delectable and balanced Italian Espresso in a matter of seconds!


Over the centuries, the Italians have created a variety of alterations to the powerful punch of espresso. When served with a swirl of milk it can be enjoyed as caffe macchiato. After trying drip coffee in the United States of America, the Italians came up with their own interpretation and “better version” of caffe Americano: espresso diluted with plenty of hot water! A stronger version of this has been termed as the caffe lungo while a ristretto comes with less water but equal potency. Shakerato is their unique version of cold coffee where a shot of espresso and ice is shaken up until it recrystallizes to form a bitter concoction.

Fun times

The Italians “correct” their coffee with grappa or Sambuca (caffe corretto) and consume it towards the latter half of the day. In the evenings, they prefer their coffee al banco, or at the bar, when they generally socialize with friends. Here the beverage is served with a glass of water; the water is supposed to be consumed first to cleanse the palate. After all, consuming seven to eight espressos a day is quite common for them!

Think regionally

Although simple recipes work best in the Italian culinary world, a few minor variations have crept into their unique coffee culture, most of them regional. A doppio is a double espresso, generally preferred if you’re sleep deprived or hungover. In southern Sicily, an Arabic-flavoured coffee with cloves, cinnamon and cocoa has gained popularity (caffe d’un parrinu). The bicerin, served in a glass, is a speciality of the Piedmont region and consists of layered espresso, hot chocolate and milk.

But overall, the Italians are very protective about their culture and tradition and are not willing to compromise with their blends, roasts and brews. They prefer their own authentic fully caffeinated versions of coffee and follow their age-old, unique drinking rituals. This is the reason why top coffee brands from other parts of the world have not been able to establish themselves here.

Nettare prides itself on carrying on the legacy and tradition of authentic Italian Coffee. It boasts a strong and uncorrupted Italian flavor packaged in modern and convenient capsules. Clubbed with innovative one-press machines, the Nettare Coffee Systems are the preferred choice of Coffee Connoisseurs!

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