Espresso – the in and out.


When blessings are to be counted, one cannot simply miss coffee! Sure, love for coffee is eternal and imagining a day without a single cup of coffee is definitely, a nightmare! While there are many different forms in which coffee is prepared and served, like cappuccino, latte, espresso, Americano; many of us usually prefer espresso as our wake up shot. Everyone drinks espresso, but little do people know about this drink.


What is espresso?


If going by the definition, espresso is coffee brewed by expressing or forcing out a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. This drink is served in the form of ‘shots,’ hence the process is also known as “pulling a shot.” Espressos have a crema (foam with a creamy consistency) on top of them which adds a rich flavor and an intense aroma of espresso.


Characteristics of an espresso


Generally, an espresso has a rich texture, heavy body and a bittersweet taste; but many a times the taste of it also depends widely upon the coffee- which includes the roast, technique used to brew, and the quality of the grind.


Some benefits of drinking espresso


If you are looking for reasons to drink an espresso, except for the fact that it gives you a caffeine boost, well you can thank us later, as we have got you a list of benefits that it provides.


  1. Long-term memory is enhanced:- a study was conducted by neuro-scientist Michael Yassa, that drinking an equivalent of two espressos will give you an improved long term memory. If one sticks to the amount given in the study, then you will surely remember everything!
  2. Attention is increased:- sure many of us prefer our espresso in the morning, but do you really know how it benefits one? It not only helps in reducing the symptoms of fatigue, it improves sustained attention and vigilance. Next time when you find yourself working energetically in the morning, make sure you thank your espresso! 
  3. Weight loss:- have you ever imagined that by drinking coffee you could lose weight? What sets espresso apart from other coffee beverages is that it is low calorie. If you are not adding any sugar or cream, it contains only three calories per ounce. For all the gym freaks out there, espresso helps to improve your exercise performance. And if that muscle pain from your exercise is stopping you, don’t worry, as espresso also reduces the level of perceived pain. 
  4. The risk of stroke is reduced:- in a Swedish study, which was conducted by Susanna Larsson, it was found that if at least one cup of coffee is drank in a day, it can lessen the risk of suffering from a stroke. 
  5. Risk of diabetes is lowered:- in a study, researchers found that high coffee consumption will lead to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. It was also found that a person who consumes more than one cup of coffee will have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes by 11%

Some popular espresso drinks

The drink espresso could be used as an ideal base for mixing coffee drinks. Here are some of the drinks which are made with the help of an espresso.

  •      Cappuccino
  •      Caffe Latte
  •      Caffe Americano
  •      Red Eye


Let us know which drinks you’ve tried so far, and if you haven’t had your perfect espresso yet get it here now! 


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