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Do you ever wonder how a simple thing like a coffee can taste so good? Ever been curious how those Coffee capsules of joy found their way to your lips and finally your heart?


Nettare’s energy-packed capsules go through a long journey before they finally find their way to your home. From sourcing to getting that authentic Italian taste, Nettare’s triple filter Coffee capsules are bang on to keep you wanting for more!


  • The right taste– We’ve all experienced it before- going to a coffeehouse regularly and realizing their coffee tastes different each time. How disappointing is that? Coffee that tastes great once but maybe not at the next visit. The reason being they always use a different amount of coffee and water which results in coffee that tastes different every time. This is where Nettare’s capsules come to the rescue. Nettare makes sure to seal the exact amount of beans so that your coffee drinking experience remains just as rejuvenating and aromatic as the first time.
  • Creamiest coffee – We all love some cream in our coffee and Nettare gives you exactly that. The whole system behind this is to have hot water rushed through very tightly packed coffee ground under extremely high-pressure conditions. This high pressured water is forced to percolate through the tightly packed coffee and extract the essential oils out of it. This creates the bronze colored rich froth called a crema that crowns the espresso with a succulent taste to leave you speechless.
  • You have the control!Can’t decide if you want a single shot or a double shot? When work is overloaded that calls for a double shot. For those days, Nettare Coffee capsules give you the control. As per your preference, the concentration can be controlled to yield a single or double shot.
  • The Barometric pressure– This is what makes the capsule system so efficient. It enables water to be heated using a very powerful German built thermostat to the optimum temperatures. Then be rushed through the coffee under very high pressures which are induced by the 19 bar Italian designed pressure pump. To be rushed through coffee of varied coarseness hermetically sealed with no spaces left in a capsule under vacuum conditions. And finally to undergo a triple filtration process and be served.
  • No more grinding- Nettare coffee beans are already ground and sealed in small Coffee Capsules. All the work already done, you just need to insert the capsules and leave the rest to the machine.
  • Become a Barista– Everyone is a barista with this system! 3 steps are all it takes to get that caffeine filled cup in front of you. The capsules make it much easier to quickly brew a cup of espresso as compared to the traditional espresso machines. It’s so easy to use that even your 8-year-old can use it. The capsules, once inserted, work their magic and brew you a cup in less than 5 minutes.
  • Your healthy drink– Those extra nutrients are sorted with Nettare! High-quality ground coffee contains chlorogenic acid that has many benefits such as catalyzing weight loss. That is why Nettare is healthier than coffee prepared using traditional espresso machines and portafilters. The Nettare capsules feature a triple filtration process and facilitate immediate extraction of the espresso shot, just after the essential oils and aroma get extracted. Therefore, the capsule technology is more hygienic than the traditional methods. Chances of any impurities or adulterants being dissolved in the espresso are nil. Check out the health benefits of coffee here.
  • A burst of freshness- That burst of fresh coffee in your mouth! Nettare goes one step ahead to make sure the coffee remains fresh and tasty. The moment coffee is ground and it makes contact with air, it starts to lose its aromas and oils. The fact that capsules are hermetically sealed under vacuum conditions makes this a fool proof method to contain the coffee along with all its essential oils and its aroma.
  • The after taste– Nettare’s espresso(Coffee capsules) isn’t your ordinary black coffee. The texture and crema give it an ideal long lasting aftertaste that makes you go hmm.
  • Sourcing from the experts– It all starts with the sourcing. The Arabica beans are sourced from some of the best estates around the world including Columbia Medellin Armenia Excelso” and “Salvador Pacamaragigante”. So you have nothing to worry about; your coffee comes from estates that know exactly how to choose the right coffee beans to get that cup of excellence that you devour every day.
  • That Italian roast that gets all the drool flowing– The roast is just perfect, not over burnt, to give you that classic Italian roast that everyone loves. The divine aroma and taste that you get in your coffee is because of this impeccable roast with the oils caramelized just right. Finally, the coffee beans are sealed tight in capsules so the aroma and taste are secured.
  • No wastage– The capsule technology proves to be a more efficient method. There is no wastage unlike in a portafilter where about 40% of the coffee ground is discarded. The used capsule is now biodegradable waste and can be recycled.
  • Bucket full of choices- With just a single coffee capsule, you can make multiple recipes! Maybe today you’re up for some iced coffee but tomorrow you may crave a frothy cappuccino, you can always mix things up and drink coffee as per your preference.

And that’s how your cup of coffee tastes so good! Now go on, grab another cup!

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