PAYMENT METHOD takes privacy protection very seriously and we set the highest standards in this regard. We value the trust you place in us. Please read this document regarding our privacy policy.

Note: Our privacy policy is subject to change time to time without notice. To make sure you are aware of the changes, please review this policy periodically. Also this privacy statement does not apply to our business partners, affiliates or other third parties. Please review the privacy statements of the other parties with whom you may interact.



This section clarifies what information we may collect when you simply browse the Website(s), without being logged on the Website(s), and how we process such information.
Unless otherwise provided on the Website by means of specific actions required by you to comply with local laws, by accessing and using this Website, you consent to this section of this Privacy Policy. 
We do not collect or process personal data to ensure your navigation on the Website; however, if you are logged on the Website (e.g. on our online shop), navigation information may potentially be combined with your personal data and, if you agreed to, be used to get to know you better and to enhance our services. 
The Nettare staff in charge of the Digital department at Nettare or otherwise employed by Nettare, or any other entity of the Nettare Division engaged to carry out specific operations on the Website – e.g. development of the online channel, statistical purposes – may process the information collected during your navigation on the Website(s) and/or provided by you when using the Website(s) and its services.

This Website uses cookies. “Cookies” are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device by the Website and automatically collect some information that you do not provide directly.
We use them in order (i) to make the Website work, or work more efficiently and be more user friendly, and (ii) to obtain data for statistical purposes on the use of the Website (e.g. to find out what pages are visited and how often). If you use our Website, whether as a registered user or not, we may use cookies also to enhance your experience on the Website and to provide certain services that require the identification of the user’s path through the navigation pages. 
For more information about our use of Cookies, pixel tags, flash cookies, and similar technologies, and your choices regarding the use of Cookies, please read our Cookies Policy. Our systems may not recognize Do Not Track headers or requests from some or all browsers.


This section clarifies what information we may collect when you contact us and/or you request to receive our commercial communications, and how we process such information.

1. Contact Us

We may receive your personal data (mainly, your name and contact information) when you contact us for a specific reason, such has for technical assistance regarding navigation or the use of the online store. In this case, your personal data will be used by our staff in the Nettare department that is relevant to your request (especially the E-commerce and information system departments) exclusively to manage your request and may be disclosed to our service providers, if necessary to manage your request and depending on its subject. 
We may contact you for the above purposes by telephone call, email, postal mail, SMS or other means as appropriate.

2. Sign Up For Our Marketing Communications

Source of Personal Data 
When you subscribe on the Website(s), or at our stores, to receive Nettare announcements and communications by e-mail you will provide us with your contact and identification details. The set of personal data is required in order to receive our communications. You can also opt-in to such marketing communications from us when you create an account in the ‘my account’ area of the Website.
Please ensure that your data is accurate and, in case of any change to the personal data that you have provided us, please timely write to Nettare (see contact details) or amend your information online, if you are also registered at ‘my account’, to enable us to keep your personal data updated.
We may contact you for the above purposes by telephone call, email, postal mail, SMS or other means as appropriate.

How We Use Personal Data
Your personal data will be stored and used, primarily through automated processing, to keep you informed by e-mail about us and our products, services, promotions, as well as charity and cultural initiatives and/or social events organized or sponsored by Nettare.


This section clarifies what information we may collect when you create your account on our Website(s), and how we process such information. 
You may create your own account on the Website to use or facilitate the use of some of the services available on the Website, e.g. ‘wish list’. Creating your account is not mandatory and, if you do so, you are allowed at any time to cancel your account by contacting us (see contact details).

Source of Personal Data and Mandatory Information 
When you create your own account on the Website you will provide us your contact and identification details. You acknowledge that some of the information that you are asked to provide to complete the registration process is essential to complete the process and that failure or refusal to provide accurate information will prevent us from satisfying your request. Essential information is properly marked as such on the Website.
Additional information is optional and, if you provide it, we may use it to, for example, send you a special thought on your birthday. You also acknowledge that, when you use some of the services provided on the Website, we will collect additional information connected to your online activity on the Website(s), e.g. products placed in your ‘wish list’, and your interaction with us.

How We Use Personal Data
We will not use this information for purposes other than providing you the services connected with your account, which may include specific services related to your possible online purchases, and for enhancing your shopping experience online and in our stores (see Online Purchases and Relational Marketing Activities section). We may then combine your personal data related to your account with other information collected and use that information as described in the Relational Marketing Activities section. 
Your personal data will be stored and used, substantially through automated processing.