The Origin Story

It all starts with thoroughly sourced coffee beans from the different plantations of Northern and Southern America. The rest of the works and magic happens in the very capital of Coffee – Italy.

Once the coffee beans have gone through the exhaustive process of selection, roasting, grinding and packaging, finally what we have is called the Nettare coffee.


Nettare coffee is ground in three different sizes – Coarse, Medium & Fine. This is to ensure that every single Nettare coffee pod has that perfectly balanced flavour and aroma.


Nettare Coffee is hermetically sealed and packed into the capsules in vacuum conditions. These capsules are Nitrogen-flushed to ensure that the coffee doesn’t come in contact with air at all. This keeps the true aroma and oils of the coffee intact. So, be it a first cup or the hundredth, the Nettare coffee would never lose its essence. Every sip feels like straight from the counter of a fine Italian Barista.

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Nettare Puro Arabica (100%)

intensity :-


intensity :-

Flavour Notes

Nettare Puro Arabica : Round, Balanced & Extremely Aromatic.

  • It has a strong and intense aroma combined with a pleasantly balanced acidity.

Nettare Granbar : Balanced flavour- the classic Italian Espresso

  • It has a powerful, contrasting, creamy and well-balanced intense flavour.

Perfect Brew

Nettare machine operates with a 15 bar pressure pump and produces coffee at its best at 85° C.

nespresso compatible range

NETTARE BLU- Nespresso Compatible

50% Arabica, 50 % Robusta

Balanced, full bodied, creamy & perfectly dosed


Exclusively Sourced from Italy



100% Robusta

Flavor Notes: Dark Roast, Smooth Crema, bitter sweet, persistent after taste


Exclusively Sourced from Italy


Nettare Coffee Roots

A leader in the coffee industry, our company is a constant source of innovation and
inspiration, experimenting with new technology to bring the unique and inimitable
taste of Neapolitan coffee to the world.

History behind Nero or BLU coffee capsules

To really understand Nettare Nero or Blu coffee capsules, we need to travel back in time to the late 1700s, when Naples was the first city in Italy, the second in Europe and the fifth in the world. The Kingdom of Naples was a hub of innovation, with indoor running water and one of the first sewer systems.
Coffee had already been available for some time, but it was during this period that the people of Naples really made it their own, working to improve its quality and embracing the drink as a symbol of the city. In a short time, the streets were filled with coffee houses, and by the 19th century they were firmly established as the most popular meeting places. The famous Caffè Gambrinus still operates today, offering a glimpse of old Naples in the heart of the city.

From plantations to processing

Quality control starts at the plantation. Our technical team has been helping farmers in rural communities to improve the quality of their products and adopt sustainable agricultural practices for several years.
This system offers us direct access to high-quality raw ingredients and allows us to protect or increase the sustainability of the entire cultivation process.

The Blends- Nero & BLU

Full-bodied and balanced:
This carefully selected blend offers the perfect combination of body, persistence and sweetness. The Blu blend is set apart by its refined taste, powerful character and intense aroma.


Intense and robust:
Intense, creamy and distinctive. A bold character that evokes the traditions of real Neapolitan coffee. This carefully selected blend offers full-bodied espresso every time. As rich and creamy as any café creation.

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